The cons of cordless vacuum cleaners

Last Christmas, my husband decided it was time to gift me with the benefits of modern technology and bought me a cordless vacuum cleaner. He said it was going to relieve me from the pain of having to bow down to plug and unplug my old vacuum every time I changed the room. I unboxed the thing and immediately realised I wasn’t going to use it, although it seemed much lighter and maneuverable than the big canister we had for decades. Some of you may wonder why I disliked it so much. Here it is.

We own a big family house, with grandchildren and nephews around all the time, so crumbles, hair and all sorts of debris constantly menacing to pile up on every corner. This means I need a big bag on the vacuum so I can fit in everything the machine picks up, and the bag on this cordless model was simply too small. This way, while I didn’t have to stop for unplugging the machine, emptying the bag would still make me take a few trips to the trash can and back.

Of course, my husband was determined to make me use it and I didn’t want to get into a fight or hurt his feelings so I gave it a go a couple of times, but that only increased my disatisfaction. Like I said, we have a big house, and by the time I was through with half of the first floor, the battery was gone, and I was obliged to drop everything and wait a lot of hours for it to recharge. Not only that made me feel like I was wasting time, but it became something very tiresome for an old lady like me.

Finally, and this could be just my cleanliness obsession, but I had the impression that this vacuum was made for light cleaning. I had to make multiple passes to be sure I had picked up most of the dirt, but I never felt completely satisfied with the work it was doing. My husband explained that it had something to do with the batteries, which couldn’t power the motor enough, so I began wondering why on earth would anybody consider having such a weak machine. Well, I complained about it so much, nobody in the house dared to contradict me and I was free to return to my old, canister friend.

Hot to keep the floors in a restaurant clean


Owning a restaurant is a great responsibility but it is also a dream come true for plenty of managers who get to serve delicious food and enjoy their daily work and human interactions.

However, one of the most demanding jobs in a restaurant is to keep it clean and shiny all the times. Thousands of glasses, plates, and pots should be cleaned and steamed on a daily basis, while dust and debris should simply not exist.

Floors are extremely important, especially since you’ll be having thousands of footsteps daily and plenty of dirty shoes. Not to mention food scraps, crumbles, broken glasses or plates, and spilled drinks. So how do you keep your restaurant floors clean?

Use the right cleaning tools

A powerful vacuum is amongst the first things you need to acquire to keep your restaurant floors clean. I suggest choosing a good electric broom from Electrolux because it is a reputed brand with thousands of easy-to-use and high-performance products. Vertical brooms and vacuum cleaners are extremely convenient and easy to handle by your employees.

They are lightweight and compact, meaning they can be easily carried around all your restaurant and even get into hard-to-reach corners and under the restaurant’s furniture.



There are various mopping tips that can help you keep your restaurant floors clean day by the day. The first tip is to never use the same mop for kitchen and dining areas. This is a wrong practice because in the kitchen you’ll be dealing with large amounts of stickiness and grease that will later transfer to your mop and, then, to the dining area.

The right thing to do is use separate mops. Also change the water regularly to keep floors clean and fresh at all costs. Use separate cleaning products for different floor types too. Thus, on dining areas, you can use regular cleaning substances, while the ones used for the kitchen floors should be antibacterial and with improved cleaning and sanitizing powers.

In terms of the cleaning substances, there are plenty things to be said. As a general rule, avoid over-the-counter cleaning products as they are not meant for large surfaces such as restaurant floors. In addition, you should avoid all soap-based detergents as they will harm your tiles and floors in the long term. Instead, opt for professional cleaning detergents you can order online from verified retailers.

The mop heads should also be cleaned and washed after each use, so make sure you have enough spare mop heads in your cleaning closet.

Last but not least, it comes without saying that mopping and cleaning should be done daily. You should also opt for a specialized degreaser treatment daily in greasy areas of your kitchen and dining area.