Summer’s coming! Have you bought a ceiling fan?



I recently stumbled upon an article on Bloomberg View according to which the habits of using too much air conditioning in American homes isn’t all that bad for the environment. I went to Europe before going to college and since it was summer in Italy when I got there, it was scalding outside. I stayed at a shabby hotel in Naples because I had stories from my grandparents who had come to the United States when they were newlyweds.

To my surprise, Europeans have little to nothing in common with Americans when it comes to their air conditioning habits. In Naples it was so hot I couldn’t stand it anymore and I had to walk down the stairs and then climb back to the room over and over again because I couldn’t have a normal conversation with the receptionist about turning on the AC.

My main issue was that I had become accustomed to using air conditioning like it was built in my body. In winter, I used to sit dressed up in a t-shirt whereas in summer I used to wear a sweater because it was just too cold inside the house. Obviously, it doesn’t make any sense at all. Why not turn down the AC during the summer and just wear a t-shirt and just wear something more during the cold season? On the one hand, you can save a lot of money that you would otherwise have to spend on power bills. On the other, it’s the nicest and most responsible thing you can do for yourself and the environment.


Something that I’ve concluded is that getting a fan is a better idea than installing AC in your house. Of course, I’m a bit more open-minded than other people in that I don’t have any problems with the weather when it’s just a bit too warm or too cold. However, getting a high-quality fan can at least allow you to benefit from some relief during the summer. Some models are so advanced that they can even heat up the room when it’s cold.

There’s another reason I feel better about fans than I do about air conditioning. AC machines are so much more expensive compared to fans although they might be more efficient; I can’t deny that. Nonetheless, they are less cost-effective as they eat up a lot of juice. I’ve decided to avoid getting a new AC once the old one that I had installed broke down.

I started researching the topic online and devoted some of my time to reading as many ceiling fan reviews as possible. I came across loads and loads of models at various online retailers, some of which were actually budget-friendly. I had to look at various features such as the size of the blades, whether or not the model came with a remote, and other factors of this kind. In the end, I settled for the Hunter 53091. I liked the design and the fact that it came with a candelabra.

Maybe you’ll find that getting a fan is a good idea for you, too. I certainly hope you do as you’ll be helping the environment and your wallet.